Ice Water Slaughter

Ice Water Slaughter,
Born in Louisiana and moved to Texas at an early age.  He grew up in Houston in a neighborhood called, Trinity Garden where he got into a life of doing bad things. While doing time for some of the bad things he did, he noticed God blessed him with a gift to write and recite music.  After returning back to Trinity Garden, he ran into Dj Free (cousin Derick Paxston) and started their journey in the music game.  Soon after they ran into James Foster, who introduced them to Mike B and the music got so creative.  James Foster also knew Dee, Mr. Stayready.   He introduced everyone to each other and they went on to form the group Trinity Garden Cartel.  Recording the album the Ghetto my Hood an independent success!  Ice Water Slaughter, would soon leave the nest to form another group called Criminal Element, under Deadgame Records, and dropped more various successful independent albums.  He eventually went solo drop Life without Fear, T.H.U.G.S, Daverdict and numerous of mix tapes videos etc.....  He's work with 8-Ball, Lil Keke, Hawk(r.i.p), SlimThug, Esg,Herbman, JDawg, LilO, Devin the Dude, K.B the Kidnappa, BillyCook, Lil Rascal and the List goes on. Now he's to drop his veteran highly rated album called, Gone Fishing the album is Dope, his life on wax!!!!! Sit back enjoy the ride,  the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!